Because we understand what it takes for a guitar to survive the road. And we know what it takes for a guitar to sound amazing.

Travis has been building electric guitars since 1997 when he worked at a local guitar shop in Lexington, KY. It all started with modding Strats and Telecasters for customers who were looking for the feel and sound of an American Fender without having to pay thousands of dollars to get it. Since then he's built dozens of custom guitars and modded hundreds. The knowledge he's gained over the years guarantees that your guitar will sound and play exactly the way you want it to. 

Brad and Jon have been playing on stages since they were teenagers and have had their hands on nearly every kind of metal guitar known to man. Their familiarity with the correlation between your guitar, its pickups, and the amp you play through has given them an intimate knowledge concerning a guitar's electronics and how they affect your tone.

Our collective expertise helps us create consistent, quality designs that translate to a better value for you, the player.

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Our Team:

Who We Are

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Brad Gaines

Co-Founder: Builds, Finish & Artist Relations

Garuda Custom Guitars

Jon Davis

Co-Founder: Builds & Wiring/Electronics

Garuda Custom Guitars

Travis Huber

Co-Founder. Lead Designer/Builder & Public/Artist Relations

We are a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to building road-ready guitars and offering custom options to players, without the hefty boutique price tag.

We also have committed ourselves to serving veterans locally alongside and ten percent of every sale goes to them to help support our veteran brothers and sisters as they transition from military to civilian life.

Being veterans is part of who we are. And helping fellow veterans in their time of need is equally as important to us. So thank you in advance for looking into Garuda Customs, there are a whole lot of people that will benefit from your choice.