Garuda Custom Guitars

Garuda Custom Guitars

Let us know what we can build for you. Go nuts. We focus our efforts only on modified Fender-style instruments as standard offerings, but we're open to whatever. Really, what's the worst that could happen? We could say no and then offer you some alternate options? That ain't so bad, is it?

Garuda Custom Guitars

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How do I order a Garuda Custom Guitar?

 Contact us, and we’ll talk about what you’re looking for—sound, wood, finish—to design the custom electric guitar you want.

Once the specs and price are agreed upon, We’ll e-mail you a final sales agreement and PayPal invoice for your records. Once you pay the first invoice, there’s no turning back – that first payment serves as your contract for services rendered.

The first payment is a 50% non-refundable deposit via PayPal unless we agree upon alternate methods of payment (at our discretion and on a case-by-case basis). We do not accept personal checks.

Your guitar order will not be placed on the build list and the building period does not begin until we have received your deposit.

We’ll contact you when your guitar is ready, and after we receive the remaining balance, we’ll ship the guitar to you in a hardshell case along with a few little extras from the team that built your guitar.

 What is your warranty?

 Every Garuda Custom instrument is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the instrument to the original owner. User modifications, abuse, and accidental damage beyond normal wear and tear will void this warranty.

 How long is the building period?

 4-6 months currently, but that may be subject to change and we’ll let you know before you put down your deposit. We know you’ll be anxious to see your guitar, and we’ll post build updates on our social media outlets (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), but your patience is very much appreciated.

 How much does a custom guitar cost?

 Every guitar is built-to-order, so standard pricing is not possible. Please contact us to discuss what you’re looking for, and we’ll quote you a price.

 Can I get a traditional style headstock?

 All guitars are built with the signature Garuda Custom headstock design only. This is to avoid any copyright and trademark infringement.

 Do you make left-handed guitars?

 Sometimes. It really just depends on the build. None of us are left-handed and so much of what we do is by sight, feel and sound. We want to give you what you paid for and we want it to be right. So unless it’s something that we can easily get into a lefty build, probably not. But talk to us anyway about it. There are always possibilities.