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Tyler Booth stands behind a microphone, hands in the pockets of his blue jeans, headphones wrapped over his curly brown hair. Music slips though the headphones from his band’s recording earlier in the month, and this night he lays down the vocal tracks to his original songs. He begins to sing in a low, powerful country baritone — a bit of a surprising voice from a 20 year old who looks a few years younger.

 The Wolfe County native had been surrounded by music his whole life, but he only recently began to pursue it as a career. When Booth was a child, his father, Jason Booth, was the manager for the rock band Stitch Rivet, and his father’s twin brother, Gene Booth, played bass. Jason recalls 6-year-old Tyler helping to tune the band’s guitars and learning basic cords before picking up the instrument when he was 10.

 “If your dad is a doctor or a lawyer, you can see that it is possible to be one too,” Jason said. “Tyler saw me as a musician, and the normal path was music.”

 Keeping the rock ’n’ roll sounds of his upbringing, Tyler’s songs are pure outlaw country, with the notable sounds of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and current star and fellow Kentuckian Sturgill Simpson. (an excerpt from Jordan Simonson's June 1st article on LexGo - )

Tyler recently released his self-titled EP and it is available now at any of Tyler's shows. There will be more announcements on when this album will be available through other outlets. So get out there and catch this guy in action. We promise that you won't be disappointed!!

"But what does your name mean?" 

It's a question we get all the time. Well, here's why we chose it. Military folks have a code. We're warriors. We have a sense of duty and honor about what we do. But we can also be swift, violent and deadly when called to be so. America's military might has been the ultimate force of war and also the greatest guardians of peace, the weak, the oppressed and the innocent. Wars are not pretty. But they are fought by the very best that our nation has to offer. To that end, we tried to find a name that we felt embodied who we were as soldiers and sailors. All of us are combat veterans and have seen duty stations both at home and abroad. We have all sacrificed. We have all lost ones close to us. We are warriors. So the Garuda, a beast of mythic proportions in Hindu mythology was the visage we chose to represent who we were. The Garuda weeds out the snakes of the world and protects those in need. But in times of peace, he is a silent guardian. Hopefully, you are now starting to see why the name resonated with us.

Garuda Custom Guitars is made up of veterans. We own the company, we run the company. We build your guitar with our own hands. We do our very best to ensure that your custom instrument is made from the very best components that are available to us and that we take every care to create and build the very guitar that you've seen in your mind.

We are all guitarists and recording artists ourselves. Our team has a combined 30yrs experience in the studio and on stages the world over.

What does that mean for you?

It means we won't send you a guitar that we wouldn't play ourselves.


Tyler Booth with his signature "Faded Glory" model

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A Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Tyler's Signature Ganesha Model features a Paulownia Body, Rock Maple Neck, Maple Fret Board, Faded Red White & Blue Finish - complete with pearl-topped dome knobs and chrome hardware, and Iconix Vintage Wound Tele Single Coil Pickups. 

Garuda Custom Guitars